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Guy Dartnell | Counselling

Counselling Hastings
98 Ashburnham Road
TN35 5JH Hastings
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Counselling Hastings

As a counsellor, I aim to provide a safe, empathic and non-judgemental atmosphere in which you can explore whatever dilemma may be troubling you.


This might be to do with relationships, work, identity, sexuality, creativity, coping with difficult emotions and destructive patterns, or a combination of these and other issues. You may also wish to simply use counselling as a means of regularly checking-in with yourself, or as a way of confirming, or otherwise, some important life decision you have made through having an independent ear.


I'm interested in facilitating your desire to change, become more empowered and connect more closely with what you feel your authentic self to be. Together, I hope we can create a beneficial relationship between us, that will help you develop increased awareness around yourself and whatever issues you might bring, and enable you to forge new understandings and new perspectives from which to move forward, traverse edges, express yourself more freely and develop your sense of creativity.



About me

Though I’m trained as a Humanistic Integrative Counsellor I have a background in the performing arts - both as an artist, mentor, workshop leader and film-maker - and this informs my work as a counsellor. Within this realm I have tended to specialise in improvisational work and blending seemingly different areas together. For example integrating voice and physicality, something I call Voicemotion.


At the moment I work with individuals at home in Hastings and at The Marylebone Centre in London.


In the past I’ve counselled extensively for organisations like Care for the Carers, who support voluntarily carers, and Change Grow Live, who help those with problems around alcohol and substance misuse. Within the above I have worked with individuals and groups, with a variety of different needs and issues - bereavement and loss, anxiety and depression, compulsive sexual behaviour, relationship issues - as well as general counselling.


With my background in the performing arts, I also particularly understand the issues, pressures and challenges people face working in this realm. 

Online therapy



I run my sessions from my home, using the room where I normally do my face-to-face counselling. My sessions are 1 hour long, though I offer an initial free half hour session so that you can work out whether you think I can be helpful to you and I can work whether I'm an appropriate counsellor for you. I can also get to see whether we might encounter frequent technical difficulties in talking to one another online. If I think I can't help you I will try to point you in the direction of somebody I think can.


How We Connect


Especially because of the Covid-19 situation, online is the only way I see clients at the moment. I prefer to use Zoom because I believe it's the safest platform, but I am open to using Skype or Facetime, if that is what you are used to. It's important, before you use any form of online interaction, that you realise no platform is 100% secure. I do not offer telephone counselling as a general option, however if, for some reason we become disconnected during a session and can't reconnect, I would offer either to phone you to complete the session, or suggest rescheduling to another time. 


In Preparation


You will need a room or space that is private, with little external noise or distraction, where you can't be overheard and are not likely to be interrupted. You will need a powerful enough connection to the internet to be able to stream live conversation clearly, otherwise there may be too much distortion in the vision and sound. You may want to test this out with a friend beforehand. To get the best signal, rather than rely on a wifi signal, you should ideally connect your computer or laptop (if you're using those) directly to the internet using an ethernet cable. If the device you're using must use a wifi signal, avoid using public signals (like in cafes), turn off as many other devices as you can that are sharing your wifi signal and cable connection (e.g. other computers, phones, games devices, printers...) and turn off as many apps (e.g. mail, facebook..) as possible on your device that might be using the wifi for online background communication. For some people, using your smartphone connected to the internet via a mobile signal could be the best and clearest option, but check how much this might cost you with your service provider beforehand.

Statement concerning the coronavirus pandemic

While the Covid-19 situation continues and while I am advised that the guidelines suggest face-to-face counselling is not appropriate or safe, I am only seeing people online. Once it's safe to return to face-to-face counselling I will offer that again to those for whom this kind of meeting is a practical option. People who have begun online counselling with me will be able to continue using this method.

Qualifications and registrations

  • Dip. Humanistic Integrative Counselling. (BACP accredited)
  • MCPT Cert. in Treating Compulsive Sexual Behaviour. (ATSAC Accredited)
  • Change Grow Live Cert. in Substance Misuse Counselling.
  • NCFE Level Two Cert. in Counselling Skills.


  • Registered Member 375751 of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)
  • Qualified member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity (ATSAC)
  • Member for the European Association for Counselling (EAC)


Registered with

Registered member MBACP


I offer an initial 1/2 hour free session.

Thereafter my fee is £45 per one hour session.



Working hours

I offer daytime, evening & sometimes weekend appointments.

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday Available. Please contact for times.
Tuesday Available. Please contact for times.
Wednesday Available. Please contact for times.
Thursday Available. Please contact for times.
Friday Available. Please contact for times.
Saturday Limited availability. Please contact for times.
Sunday Limited availability. Please contact for times.


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