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Online therapy and counselling

I work with a range of issues including bereavement and loss. This seems so apt during the Covid pandemic. It is unforgiving, affecting everything from our everyday existence to our normal way of life and freedoms. We are all in this together even if you are struggling - you are not alone.

I am fully committed to my counselling and reaching out to those people who need extra support.

My practice offers a helping hand in such challenging times and deals with what I call 'the together-alone' paradox. 

I offer online therapy using Zoom or Doxy.Me. They are the most encripted and safe platforms to use.  Session length is 50 minutes and I send a link which is easy to set up.  


What are the advantages of Online working? 

  • Some clients find less travelling time and no petrol or parking costs a real bonus.
  • There is also familiarity being seen in the comfort of your home especially useful if you are worried about leaving the house or anxious.
  • Rural living or mobility issues often limits choice but online offers greater choice.
  • Expats can also easily be seen across time zones with no difficulty.


Online working is a natural progress from face-to-face work. It is not for everyone especially if there is a risk of being overheard or not being in a safe place in the home.



About me

I work as an audiologist and school counsellor, the rest of my time is committed to my private clients.

My unique training means I have many transferable skills. I have developed a keen interest in Young People and issues around social media, body-image, gender and sexuality. I also spend alot of time with older people and only too aware of issues arising around relationships changing, families dynamics or feeling alone once more and becoming isolated.


How can counselling help?


Part of person centred counselling is around the organism and its ability to grow. Without the right conditions it will fail to thrive. Counselling offers the right conditions to adapt and grow.

My practice has always been about empathy and communication. Often its about the difficult unsaid stuff rather than what is on the surface. Sometimes its not what we say to people but how we feel about ourselves. This causes the tension, the stress, the anxiety. We try to control what ife throws our way but those unexpected curve-balls leave us reeling.  We become 'ungrounded', 'at sea' struggling to make sense of our feelings and emotions. There seems no words !! 


 I can provide you with a safe compassionate space to explore your issues, find strategies or alternatives, give you a sense of movement away from that place of feeling stuck, feeling lost or being alone. I will sit alongside you throughout this process without judegment.


What to expect in the first session?


To be met with a gentleness, a deep understanding from the beginning.  We can start at the beginning with your expectations and what exactly you want to achieve from therapy. Mine is a stepped approach.

Normally I suggest six sessions with a review in the middle and end session but I can offer open ended work as well as time-limited.



What experience do I have?


A general maturity working with people for many years. The right attributes to be a counsellor.

My commitment to counselling is immense and drives me to be there to help people.


Who do I want to work with?


Young People 18+, Adults and Elders.


Book a free 30 minutes exploratory conversation to see if I am the right counsellor for you.

Make a quick phone call or send me an email and I promise to get back to you within 48 hrs.




Online therapy

Video sessions using either Zoom or Doxy.Me & telephone sessions if you prefer. 

Session length is always 50 minutes. I will send you my contact details for counselling.

With Zoom the link will take you to opening a free account which is easily done.

With Doxy.Me there is no need to open an account, the link takes you straight into our meeting. 

Statement concerning the coronavirus pandemic

My adult online work is dealing with the together-alone paradox which the Covid pandemic brings.

My practice offers support and extends a helping hand in such challenging uncertain times.

Qualifications and registrations



I hold a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, commit to regular clinical supervision and Registered with BACP. 


CPCAB Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Studies

Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills   

Awareness in Bereavement Care Foundation course 

Sound Diploma Practitioner level (BAST) lapsed


Much professional development around Existential approaches and Working with Young People from Kooth during my associate work.  

Cruse work as a Bereavement volunteer and Addiction volunteer training

Safeguarding Adults Level 3 & Psychological First Aid (John Hopkins University) C19 response NHS

Mental Health Academy Training & DAAT Basic Drugs Awareness,


BACP Subgroup membership : Children, Young People & Famiies








Member of

BACP Logo   381783


£45 per session for a 50 minute slot.


I am open to making counselling more affordable for everyone. I do have a few concessionary slots for Young People, OAPs and people on low incomes. Please ask, this depends on my workload.


Book a free 30 minutes exploratory conversation to see if I am the right counsellor for you.


Make a phone call or send me an email and I promise to get back to you within 48 hrs.



Working hours

I offer daytime appointments on Tuesdays and Fridays only. I have a few adhock evening and saturday slots. 

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday 7.00-9.00
Tuesday 10.00 – 6.00
Wednesday 7.00-9.00
Thursday 7.00-9.00
Friday 10.00 – 6.00
Saturday 10-12
Sunday closed



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