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Martin | Integrative therapist, MNCPS Acc.

Integrative therapist, MNCPS Acc. - UK - Martin
Online Counselling and Therapy
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Online Counselling and Therapy

It’s hard to control intrusive thoughts, to be stuck with difficult feelings, or without someone to understand what you are struggling with. And it can often be deeply frustrating, isolating and painful to barely manage issues that stop you living the life you want. One thing I'm sure of is that people need people to understand themselves - it’s this I try to offer. 


Therapy is a conversation between two people, focused on one of their needs. I’ll bring to this relationship my experience, commitment and genuine care. I’ll help build the trust needed for us to collaborate effectively, and will listen deeply, with warmth, empathy, and humanity. I've supported people grappling with anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, relationships, bereavement, phobias and more. Regardless of what brings you here, I'm keen to support you every step of the way.


I've worked closely with people for over 20 years, learning how to relate to a wide range of individuals. My counselling and psychotherapy training was humanistic and integrative, giving me access to a number of perspectives on mental health and wellbeing, including CBT, ACT and DBT. My approach has person-centred foundations, and uses Gestalt methods with existential values. Our work would be tailored to your needs, with the space, curiosity and recognition needed for greater acceptance, new tools and growth. Common themes in my work include:


  • Acceptance and empowerment

  • Connection and relationships

  • Care and compassion

  • Reflection, regulation and resilience

  • Boundaries and goals

  • Meaning and beliefs

  • Gratitude


I invite you to arrange a call for us to discuss where you are, what could come next, and any questions you may have. Prior to our first session, I'll send a summary of understanding, answers to frequently asked questions and my therapy values


Clients have noted the life changing impact of our work, and how my kind, patient and considered approach can help. As an accredited therapist, I uphold the highest standards and I’m committed to ongoing professional development. Regular supervision and feedback ensure the quality and effectiveness of my practice.


I offer a free phone session to help us establish a connection, with everything between us confidential, and no obligation at any time. My rate is £60 for in-person sessions, £50 for online, with a discounted rate of £40 for students and individuals receiving support through Universal Credit. 


Your challenges and the solutions to them are as unique as you are - I’m here to help you find them. It's good that you have made this step, I’d like to help you take some more.

Online therapy

Ahead of our first session, I'll share a summary of understanding, which will contain a private and secure Google Meet link - you can bookmark this and return to it each session.

Qualifications and registrations

  • MNCPS Acc. Ad. Dip. Integrative Therapist
  • Advanced Diploma in Counselling, from Heartwood Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Certificate in Humanistic Integrative Counselling, from CPPD Counselling School



What type of support do you offer? 

Therapy is two people engaged in conversation, focused on one person's growth and healing. This process is as unique as each individual and rarely straightforward. You are the expert on you, my job is to help you to develop this expertise safely, with enough space, support, challenge and the tools needed to navigate this as well as possible.


What methods do you use in therapy?

My training was integrative, covering a broad range of counselling and psychotherapy methods, including Gestalt, existential, person-centred, attachment, transactional analysis, cognitive behavioural theories, and more. Additionally, I've developed an interest in psychodynamic and transpersonal theory.


How do you tailor these to meet individual needs?

My job is to find and use methodologies that benefit you, and to provide a supportive and empathetic space where clients feel empowered to explore their experiences. This is something we'll do collaboratively, and at a pace and rhythm that is comfortable for you.


What can I expect from a typical therapy session?

Sessions typically begin by discussing current challenges, recent thoughts or feelings, or any topics you'd like to address. Throughout the session, I provide support, guidance, and feedback as needed, encouraging reflection and self-awareness.


How do you relate to your clients? 

As best I can. A good therapist is someone you trust, can easily talk to, and who truly listens to what you say and don't. It's all about fit, and you should look for one that feels comfortable, safe but sufficiently challenging. It’s one of the reasons that I offer an initial phone session for free.


What’s your experience been like as a therapist? 

Being a therapist has been a fulfilling experience, a vocation, a second career that allows me to work with people at relational depth towards meaningful change. It is deeply gratifying work that I genuinely enjoy.


How do you ensure confidentiality and privacy?

Everything that happens within our therapy sessions is strictly confidential, unless there is a chance of significant harm to you or another. I work in accordance with the Code of Ethical Practice from the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society, which requires my work to be supervised professionally. I may discuss some of our work with my supervisor, but in terms of identifiable details, only share a client's first name. My notes are anonymised, encrypted and protected by 2-Step Verification. Details are kept in accordance with GDPR regulations and I'm registered with the ICO (ZB652852). For further details, please see my privacy notice. 


How long would you expect therapy to last - is it short term/ long term? 

I recommend reviewing progress every 6 sessions, but the duration of therapy varies. Some clients quickly cover ground and may wish to stop after only a few sessions, while others prefer to work deeper into their issues over a longer period. The duration and use of therapy is entirely up to you.


What times would you be available as ideally I'd be looking for sessions after work?

I work online, in person and on the phone, Monday to Friday. Please let me know your preferred days and times and I'll do my best to find a session that works for you.


Can you provide references or testimonials from past clients?

I typically don't provide specific references or testimonials due to client confidentiality. However, I invite you to read some reviews on my Bark and Google Business pages for an insight into some clients' experience: Martin Bartlett - Bark Page & Personal Talking Therapy.

Most common issues I support people with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Family/relationship issues
  • Trauma

Areas of counselling I can help with


I offer an initial call for free, with sessions lasting for 50 minutes and scheduled weekly.or biweekly.


My rate is £50 for online sessions, £60 for in-person sessions, with a discounted rate of £40 for students and individuals receiving support through Universal Credit.


I offer in-person sessions near Kings Cross and Enfield in London.

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday From 8am until 9pm, Kings Cross
Tuesday Midday until 8pm, online
Wednesday From 10am until 5pm, online
Thursday Early, online
Friday From 8am until 5pm, Kings Cross
Saturday -
Sunday -


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Thoroughly recommend his services

Really enjoyed my sessions, put me at ease and would thoroughly recommend his services in the future and will be continuing with you. 

| London | 16 Mar 2024
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