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(Online) Counselling Haverfordwest

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(Online) Counselling Haverfordwest

I'm an Adlerian counsellor located in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire and available to work with you remotely wherever you may be in the UK, online or over the phone.

Adlerian psychotherapy is a positive, active approach to life's difficulties. Client and therapist collaborate, often looking into the past but as a means of making sense of life and enabling movement forward. Shifts in thinking around your concerns can be achieved at your pace and my national network enables me to highlight community organisations to support and encourage you...crucial for when therapy has ended.

Once therapy has begun and you feel safe and comfortable to share with me what has been going on for you, we can work out what or who has had an influence on your life. The principle ideas and patterns formed as a result of these influences, and which have led you through life so far, can be gently examined, leading to more helpful ways of thinking and wider change.

It is possible to learn not to take so much on ourselves. We can learn to let go of what might be someone else's stuff, reclaiming ourselves from shame and blame. And we will bring your strengths to light, even if you are not feeling strong.

I will respect your life experiences and whatever you choose to share with me. We can look at your early years to understand how you learnt to live - but you hold the key to any exploration and there will be no pressure.

Psycho-education is a frequent feature of my sessions and from time to time I will offer links to reading or videos relevant to our discussions.This extra personal research can often lead to increased insight, as well as build a sense of not being alone. After all, if something about your lived experience has been researched or written about, you can be pretty sure there is a community of people out there who share something similar.

Online therapy

Whether you favour your laptop, your mobile or your landline, whether you prefer to receive your remote counselling at home or in another safe place, e.g.a friend's house, we'll work out what feels best for you.

I currently offer sessions over WhatsApp, Zoom or via a plain audio phonecall.

Qualifications and registrations

I am:

* fully-qualified (IIP Dip Adlerian Counselling)
* fully-insured
* a registered member of the BACP (British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy) and as such am approved by the Professional Standards Authority
* a member of ASIIP (Adlerian Society & Insititute for Individual Psychology)

I adhere to the BACP's Ethical Framework and, as a counselling professional, undergo regular supervision.



As an Adlerian counsellor and psychotherapist, I am skilled in supporting clients to gain insight into their "private logic", our view of life usually formed at an early age as a result of what we have experienced as young ones. These experiences shape us, sometimes for the best, but sometimes leaving us with fear, a sense of isolation, shame, uncertainty, poor self-image and mistaken notions of how we need to be in the world.

Through the exploration of early recollections, family atmosphere, birth order and parenting styles, we can make sense of how you have become you and get to a place of clarity, self-belief, pride in identity and increased confidence.....encouragement and strength-building also being key features of Adlerian therapy.

The number of sessions required depends on many things. Some clients feel a real improvement within 10 sessions, whilst for others lifelong struggles are likely to need longer-term support. I will never encourage a client to stay in therapy for longer than we both feel is necessary. Often, a client and I will arrange a tapering-off in frequency of sessions as we work towards our ending.

It's worth bearing in mind that what you initially bring to therapy may not prove to be the thing we end up talking about! Humanity is complicated and many of the issues below will arise, and have arisen, for the same client:

* Relationships - within the family and outside the family
* Understanding generational dynamics - attitudes, adverse experiences and ways of being which may affect several generations of the same family. Do you have the feeling you might be the change-maker?
* Parental resentment
* Attachment - understanding today's difficulties in the light of yesterday's childhood uncertainty
* Anxiety - finding the root cause
* Autism - what it means for you, coming to terms, building pride, confidence and assertiveness
* Feeling "less than"
* Functional Neurological Disorder / psychogenic non-epileptic seizures / dissociative seizures - working out if there are links with life experiences
* Bereavement
* Recovering from narcissistic relationships - partners or parents
* Understanding immature parenting
* Fall-out from separation
* Understanding enmeshed / controlling families
* Being the different one
* Feeling alone
* Exploring pleasing behaviours
* Polyamory 
* Over-spending
* Setting healthy boundaries
* Reclaiming confidence after poor treatment
* Addiction - understanding what happened and moving away from shame
* Never feeling heard....

.....and many more.

Please feel assured that I will meet you with compassion, empathy and, most importantly, humility in the face of all you have lived through.

Most common issues I support people with:

Understanding self in terms of the impact of relationships within and outside families, including recovery from narcissistic relationships, understanding immature/poor parenting, generational patterns, adverse childhood experiences, neglect, attachment issues, enmeshed and controlling families

Anxiety - finding the causes

Autism - understanding and acceptance of self, building confidence and pride 

Functional Neurological Disorder / psychogenic non-epileptic seizures / dissociative seizures 



£50 per hourly session over Zoom, WhatsApp or audio phonecall, to include a few minutes at the end of each session for booking the next. Arrangements for payment are set out in my contract, which is emailed or posted once a first session has been arranged.

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday -
Tuesday Morning, afternoon, evening - check availability with me
Wednesday Morning, afternoon, evening - check availability with me
Thursday Morning, afternoon, evening - check availability with me
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday -


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