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Angela | Counsellor and somatic therapist

Counsellor and somatic therapist - UK - Angela
Online therapy and trauma counselling
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Online therapy and trauma counselling

Hi, I'm Angela (She/her) I’m a compassionate, enthusiastic and trauma informed counsellor with 11 years of experience. I'm gender, sexuality and relationship diversity affirmative and I support the drop the disorder movement.


Over the course of my career I’ve provided several thousand hours of therapy to adolescents and adults experiencing a wide range of challenges and difficulties. Every session I provide is different as I respond to the unique wants and needs of each client.


My approach to therapy is integrative. This means that I draw from a variety of different therapy approaches. I believe that the therapeutic relationship can be a catalyst for great change and that people can start to feel better when their stories are heard and their feelings validated. However, it is not a necessary requirement that you revisit traumatic and distressing events as part of your therapy. I will not judge, advise or tell you what to do and I respect that you are the expert in your life.


I am trained to Intermediate Level 1 in Somatic Experiencing and I am able to incorporate elements of this approach into sessions. Somatic Experiencing differs from some other more traditional therapies as it offers a ‘body first’ approach to the difficult and sometimes physical effects of trauma. It is not about reclaiming memories or changing thoughts and beliefs about how you feel. It works with the ‘felt sense’ accessing physical sensations, imagery and motor patterns  to help re-regulate the nervous system.


I am also an Internal Family Systems informed therapist. Internal Family Systems is based on the idea that we all have different parts or aspects to our personality. Some of these parts are wounded and protective but there are no ‘bad parts’ and all have the best of intentions for our system.

The goal of Internal Family Systems Therapy is not to get rid of parts but is instead to understand and heal the wounded parts allowing protectors to step out of their extreme roles.

Online therapy

I am a certified cyber therapist with the Online Therapy Institute and I'm trained to offer sessions via video, phone, email and instant messenger.  I select the most secure of platforms for my work and thses include, Signal and Hushmail.

Qualifications and registrations

I have a BSc in Psychology, Sociology and English and a Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling. I have also completed a number of other courses including:-

NICABM – Treating Trauma Master Series

Introduction to Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing Beginning 1

Somatic Experiencing Beginning 2

Somatic Experiencing Intermediate Level 1

Pink Therapy – Essentials in Gender, •Sex and Relationship Diversity Therapy

Northern Guild – Sand Tray Therapy

Online Therapy Institute – Certified •Cyber Therapist

MindEd – Counselling Children and Young People

Transactional Analysis 101

IFS Institute - Internal Family Systems Online Circle
Dr Leslie Ellis - How to work with dreams in your clinical practice

I am a member of the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society at the level of  Accredited Professional.  I am also on their Children and Young Person Register.



I specialise in trauma, working with the survivors of abuse and violence and working with adolescents.  I am experienced in both long and short term therapy and have worked with some clients over a period of several years at the request of the client.


My standard rate is £55 for a 50 minutes session but I may be able to offer a discount to those on low incomes.

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