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Online Therapy and Life Coaching
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Online Therapy and Life Coaching

Hello, I'm Dr Ellie!

Thank you so much for visiting my profile!

I'm a psychologist with 10 years' experience (and trained in UMPTEEN different types of therapy!), but more than that, I'm a HUMAN BEING who has got things wrong many a time! I have used that experience to learn, grow and REALLY HELP others! 

The main thing I want you to know about me is that I LOVE PEOPLE and I am SUPER PASSIONATE about empowering others to overcome their problems and shine their light onto the world so that they can LIVE THEIR BEST LIVES! And I like to do things a little bit differently, with just a sprinkle of ELLIE MAGIC!

Can you take a moment and ask yourself: What are the things holding you back right now? That keep you stuck in a hole? That are preventing you from living the life that you know deep down you were born to live?

Perhaps it's depression? Anxiety? Trauma? Low self-esteem? Relationship difficulties? Impulsive behaviours? 

Perhaps it's all of these and more! 

Now imagine for a moment, what would your life be like if you overcame these issues? What would be different if you were embracing each day of your life, fully confident in your OWN WORTH and the value that only YOU can bring to others? If you were in control of your MENTAL HEALTH and knew exactly what to do on those days when you experience (what I like to call) "a wobble?" How would your life be different if you were living in FLOW, with EASE, at PEACE with yourself and those around you, ready to EMBRACE the OPPORTUNITIES that each new day brings?

Perhaps you'd feel HAPPIER
Perhaps you'd be more FULFILLED in your relationships
Perhaps you'd be doing your DREAM JOB
Perhaps you'd have more time and FREEDOM to focus on the things you really want to
Perhaps you'd be waking up in the morning FILLED WITH ENERGY with a spring in your step! 

It's ALL possible, my dear, and I'm here to help you do it!

I offer a range of different services to help people overcome their difficulties, achieve their goals and live lives of ongoing GROWTH, FULFILMENT, PURPOSE and LONGTERM HAPPINESS! 

I offer a FREE FIRST SESSION with no obligation, to give you the opportunity to tell me what you are looking for help with, so I can tell you  a bit more about how I work, and so we can both get a sense of whether we would be a "good fit" working together. 

So, what have you got to lose?! Please send me a message and let's start this journey to living your BEST LIFE <3

Online therapy

All sessions take place online via Zoom.

Qualifications and registrations

Doctorate in Counselling Psychology (Teeside University, 2013)
BA (Hons) Psychology (University of Manchester, 2004)

Chartered Psychologist, British Psychological Society.



I offer a range of services and packages depending on your needs. These include:

One to One Online Psychology Sessions: Individual psychology sessions, tailored to your needs, from the comfort of your own home! I will give you the understanding and skills that you need for OPTIMAL MENTAL HEALTH, delivered in a safe and caring environment. Common issues that I help people with include: low self-esteem, trauma, depression, anxiety, difficulty managing emotions, impulsive behaviours, relationship issues and creating healthy habits. Typically 12-16 sessions.

Empower "Hours": What's the one thing keeping holding you back right now? What specific problem are you running away from? In this 60-90 minute stand alone session, we're going to EMPOWER you to deal with it so you can move forward! This session is ideal for addressing a specific: self-defeating behaviour;  stressful life event; introductory techniques for managing unhelpful thoughts and emotions; assertiveness, negotiating and boundary setting; other people's unhealthy or destructive behaviour. Includes full, bespoke action plan. 

Intensive Short Courses: Six-week online 121 courses to help you LIVE FREE from depression and anxiety! Course features: choose from depression or anxiety; how to embrace your authentic self and and naturally feel more energised; the truth about the REAL causes of depression and anxiety; simple, practical skills to eliminate these causes; the ultimate communication skills for optimal mental health; how to stop other people from bringing you down. Pay in full and dual course discounts available.

Total Transformation Program: Are you ready to be your best self? Are you ready to live your best life? In 12-16 weeks you'll learn the secrets to a life of ongoing GROWTH, HAPPINESS, FULFILMENT and HIGH SELF-ESTEEM! Program features: Understand, embrace and take ownership of your uniqueness (aka your natural superpowers!); simple, practical skills for LIFELONG MENTAL HEALTH; discover your unique process for FLOW (the optimal state for the human mind and brain); discover and life your true purpose.

Most common issues I support people with:

LOW SELF-ESTEEM - Self-esteem is confidence in your uniqueness, That's who you are as your AUTHENTIC SELF and how you naturally gain energy! Once you understand your uniqueness, I'll help you EMBRACE it and then TAKE OWNERSHIP of it.... no more hiding in the shadows! SHINE your glorious light!

DEPRESSION - Have you ever noticed how nobody shows you how to get off anti-depressants?? I have! And I can help you to live a life FREE from depression. The key to curing your depression is getting in touch with your unconscious brain. I'd be delighted to share with you the understanding and skills you need to do it.

ANXIETY - YOU ARE NOT YOUR BRAIN! Understanding this means that you can stop your brain from running out of control with thoughts that keep causing anxiety! In helping you live FREE from anxiety I'll walk you through how to rehearse away your triggers, how to focus  and how to take control of your conscious brain where all your thoughts, memories and imagination are!

TRAUMA: Your amygdalae (the fight or flight centre of your brain) do not know reality so you can REHEARSE AWAY YOUR TRIGGERS! When we experience trauma it damages our brain in three areas (conscious, brain, unconscious brain and amygdalae). The trauma that you experienced isn't your fault but it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to handle your triggers safely so that you don't cause further harm. I'll show you how to repair damage in ALL THREE areas!

PERSONAL GROWTH - Once you understand who you are, how your mind and brain works and how to FLOW you can INTENTIONALLY help yourself and others. Helping other people on purpose means you can continually grow, Whatever is in your way right now - let's understand it and find the way to DISSOLVE the problem so that you can move forward in your life with confidence and resiliency!


£90 per hour for one to one individual sessions. (£15 per hour discount available for a block booking of four or more sessions)

£150 for Empower "hour" - includes 90 min session and personalised report.

£600 Intensive short courses for anxiety or depression (10% discount available when you pay in full. 10% discount available when you purchase both courses together)

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday 9am - 9pm
Tuesday 9am - 9pm
Wednesday 9am - 9pm
Thursday 9am - 9pm
Friday 9am - 9pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm
Sunday -



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