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Caroline | Counsellor

Counselling Cirencester

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Counselling Cirencester

Reaching out for counselling can be daunting, especially if it’s the first time, I aim to make that process as easy as possible by offering a compassionate and warm welcome to put you at ease. I have worked in the Southwest for 15 years as a Counsellor specialising in Addiction, Relationships and Anxiety. 

How I work with you and what you can expect

I take a flexible, personalised approach with clients starting off in a person centred way- allowing you to bring whatever you like to the session. After we have a clear understanding of your situation and what you want to achieve, I will take a more directive approach, taking care to notice how you relate to me, yourself and the wider world, as well as gently challenging you on beliefs you hold about yourself. 

Our work is more than just offering you a place to talk; it is a space where we actively get to the route cause of your issues and through working collaboratively,moving towards greater mindfulnes, peace and self-acceptance. 

Online therapy

All my work is done online through Microsoft Teams, since the pandemic I moved to online as the risk of COVID has not disappeared and I noticed clients were reluctant to meet face to face. I find working online offers greater flexibility and with the current cost of living crisis it allows for less travelling and clients can access counselling with ease.

People ask is it the same? Can you still see body language and facial expression.. it is a skill I have learned to develop over the last two years and I can say I find it no different to being face to face.

Statement concerning the coronavirus pandemic

As I only work online this does not affect my practice.

Qualifications and registrations

  • BSc Honours in Counselling (2014 Bath Spa University)
  • Diploma in Counselling Supervision (NCS Accredited 2019) 
  • Introduction to CBT and CFT as part of degree (2014 Bath Spa)
  • Qualified Addictions specialist (Member of the Addictions Professionals) 
  • Schema Therapy (2020)
  • TA 101 Transactional Analysis (2020)
  • Compassionate Enquiry Masterclass with Dr Gabor Mate (2022) 
  • Registered Member of the BACP
  • Registered Member of NCS 
  • Registered Member of the Addiction Professionals (FDAP)
  • Fully Insured
  • Regular Clinical Supervision



Each person is different and unique so to ask how many sessions a person would need I can't say. I don't believe in dragging things out for the sake of it so I i work with the client and constantly review progress and what they feel they need. Some clients only want one session to offload and be heard, others want to work through issues arising and to continually develop an understanding of self, this can take months. 

I work a lot with addiction and relationship issues and unhelpful patterns of behaviour this is not a quick fix but i pride myself on being able to help to get to the route quite quickly with interventions and additional reading where necessary to help the client. 

Most common issues I support people with:

Anxiety: I understand from personal experience how difficult it is to live with anxiety. That constant negative inner voice that can stop you from feeling at peace with yourself. Our work will revolve around helping you to change that negative voice into something more compassionate.

Addiction: My work with addiction is based on the 12 step programme of recovery. This involves recognising the role addiction has in your life and looking at the 'why'  behind your addiction and identifying the core maladaptive behaviours and working to change this to more helpful coping stategies. 

Relationships: This includes any kind of difficulty within a relationship. Whether you identify that you repeat the same unhealthy relationships, whether you are not sure how to be assertive or set boundaries this can all be explored in a safe confidential space to talk this through.

Self-Esteem and Confidence


My rate is £60 per 50 min session. 

I do offer concessions for students but ask for proof of student status.
I believe counselling should be available to all and have a few sessions available for those on low income. There is always an opportunity to discuss an individual's needs and reach an agreeable outcome.

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday 10am - 6pm
Tuesday 9am - 6pm
Wednesday 9am - 5.30pm
Thursday some afternoon availability
Friday 9am - 12noon
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


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