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Online Counselling and Psychotherapy
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Online Counselling and Psychotherapy

Welcome! My name is Hayley, I am a qualified and experienced counsellor and psychotherapist. I offer a safe and confidential setting online so you don’t need to travel to me and you can access therapy from a location that feels comfortable for you.

There are times when getting a different perspective on things can help, whether that is to simply feel like someone is listening, to delving into issues that feel too difficult to face alone. Therapy offers you that opportunity. I work online so that you can fit your session into your life without the extra time needed to travel, making it easier to take that step and get the support you are looking for at this time.

Sometimes things can feel so big they seem impossible to tackle, but in therapy you can slowly unpick what is going on, making the impossible feel a lot more possible, bit by bit. 

And for others there is a feeling that while they feel unhappy, it isn't 'that bad' but therapy doesn't judge the size of the issue, if it's making you feel unhappy, or anxious, or angry, or confused, then let's look at that together and see what we can figure out.

If you would like to know more or book an appointment, please send me a message. 



Online therapy

I work online for all my sessions, and I'll send you a link to MS Teams, that is confidential and secure. You'll get a new link for every session each week. 

We can work via telephone if that is easier for you and I'll call you each week so you only pay the cost of the session, not for the call on top. I withhold my number when I dial in which ensures confidentiality for you. 

Session are 50 minutes, same day, same time each week. Don't worry about keeping an eye on time, if you prefer I can let you know when we have 5 minutes left so the session end doesn't come as a shock.

Qualifications and registrations

I am fully qualified, with a PG Dip in Psychodynamic Therapeutic Counselling from the University of Brighton, and an MSc in Psychotherapy from the University of Brighton. 

I am accredited with the National Counselling Society (NCS) and with the UPCA as I'm in the process of transferring from them to the UKCP. 

I am fully insured to practice.

As part of my membership with the accrediting bodies I ensure I complete at least 30 hours of CPD each year.



I am a psychodynamic psychotherapist, offering 50 minute sessions via MS Teams. The number of sessions will vary according to individual needs and we will discuss this during our first session, agreeing either an end date from the start, or to work open ended with the agreement of a 4 week notice period to draw therapy to a close. 

I work with a number of issues from depression and anxiety, to sexual abuse, childhood trauma and ptsd. My clients come to me for a range of problems from anger management, low self esteem and relational issues to dealing with a life changing diagnosis, significant life transitions and grief.

While I work primarily using a psychodynamic approach (we look to the past to consider the present, in particular memories, significant events and key relationships as well as looking at what might be going on unconsciously) I also can bring in other approaches if suitable such as CBT and systemic (thinking about family links to self). 

The most important thing is that we establish a trusting therapeutic relationship where you feel safe enough to explore what matters to you.

Most common issues I support people with:

Life transitions: this includes divorce, separation, deaths, retirement, parenthood, empty nest.

Abuse: physical, emotional, psychological and sexual abuse.

Trauma: painful events, or long term repeated painful experiences.

Depression: low mood, lack of motivtion, sense of failure, melancholy.

Anxiety: social anxiety, general anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, a sense of worry, low self esteem.


My session fees are £60 per session, and I charge £40 per session for NHS, students and OAP's.

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