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Kate | Psychotherapist and Relationship Practitioner

Psychotherapist and Relationship Practitioner - Cranleigh - Kate
Counselling Cranleigh
Chilton Close
GU6 8HB Cranleigh
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✓ I also offer online therapy
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Counselling Cranleigh

**Update 22nd February - I currently have a full practice and will update here when I get availability**

There are many reasons you may find yourself here and you may feel you are living life in an unfulfilled, discontented and unhappy way and are looking for some support for yourself. Therapy offers this.

I can provide support talking through a whole range of issues such as life-changing events; crippling anxiety/worry; increased alcohol / food consumption; relationship struggles; unpleasant feelings being experienced such as anger and resentment; childhood experiences such as neglect, trauma and shame; fear of abandonment, rejection or helplessness or maybe it is discuss life decisions and talk through current choices.  What is important to know is that, as adults, we can choose how we live and live in a more authentic way.

In your initial assessment we will discuss what brings you to counselling, I will ask about your family history and what skills you have utilised until now (as you will have!) and what you are looking to work on / change.

I offer face to face counselling for both individuals and couples in my office in Alfold, near Cranleigh in the 'garden in the room' (see picture).

If you would like to know more or book an appointment, please send me a message. 


Online therapy

I offer counselling via Zoom, WhatsApp, Signal (and other platforms) and the telephone. I offer individual and relationship / couple / marriage counselling online.  Additionally, I offer individual counselling via the phone (personally, I do not believe that couple counselling works this way).

As an online counsellor, my current caseload includes UK, Europe, UAE and many countries worldwide (excluding USA and Canada due to local licencing laws).

Note: I am qualified and registered in the UK and work to UK legislation.  If you are in a different country, it will be the country that you are in that governs therapy law. Currently, here in the UK I have a legal responsibility to report terrorism, drug trafficking and money laundering yet legal requirements may differ in the country where you are.

Qualifications and registrations


BACP Accredited Counsellor / Psychotherapist

BA (Hons) Degree Counselling - Greenwich University

FdSc Degree Integrative Counselling - Greenwich University

NCFE 3 - Counselling Skills Theory
NCFE 2 - Counselling (Helping) Skills
NCFE 1 - Interpersonal Skills

Additional Couple Qualifications

Advanced Certificate in Relationship Therapy - COSRT

Graduate of The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy Training under Ellyn Bader Ph.D. at The Couples Institute (integrating Attachment Theory, Differentiation Theory and Neuroscience)

Online Courses

How to Work Safely and Ethically with Online Clients
Moving Your Practice Online (Online Therapy Institute)
How to do Counselling Online: A Coronavirus Primer (Open University and BACP course)

Plus much more as I do Additional Training and Workshops on a monthly basis to keep my knowledge current.



My specialisms are relationship, loss, bereavement, and alcohol dependency issues.

I have extensive training in all.

Most common issues I support people with:

Relationships - from the cradle to the grave we are in relationship with ourselves and others and this can be problematic depending on the coping skills we have learnt ( I work with individuals, couples and twos).

Loss / bereavement - we attach to people and things and then, when something happens to that person or thing, we can experience, loss, grief and mourning.  Learning about this natural process is so important as, by knowing that everything has a loss cycle, we learn to re-organise quicker rather than getting stuck in the shoc or protest parts of the cycle (Covid showed us this as many got stuck in loss / protest and some have still not moved to the re-organisation stage!).

Alcohol usage is generally the symptom of a much deeper issue as, like food, it can be used to change the way you feel. So, we explore the cycle of addiction. What is important to know here is that the brain is about survival and utilises substances that had you survive which is why, if this is the one thing you want to not do and keep doing, you have lost choice. If you are of the alcoholic type variety, it may be abstinence is the only way forward, again we can discuss this in session without any shame or blame.   

I also counsel other issues that are symptoms of how you have learnt to be in the world, i.e. anxiety, not feeling enough, feeling sad or lonely, abuse, attachment issues, perfectionism, trauma, feeling dissatisfied, estrangement, etc.  

Registered with

BACPLogo 111841417450


Counselling and psychotherapy is a very personal experience. As such I feel it is important for you to find the right counsellor and therapist for you and that is why I offer the first session complimentary for individuals and just £40 for couples (due to pre-assessment work).

Face to Face, Walk and Talk, Online and Telephone: -

Individual - 60 minutes - £60

Couple - 60 minutes - £80

Trainee Counsellors - 60 minute - £45

Low-cost daytime appointments at a reduced rate (£55 individuals, £75 couples) - please ask when enquiring.

Employee Assisted Programme Work - Aviva, AXA and Vitalityhealth.

Add £10 to all session prices for administration purposes.

Availability (Opening hours)

Monday 8am - 6pm
Tuesday 8am - 6pm
Wednesday 7.30am - 7pm
Thursday 7.30am - 4.30pm
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed



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